Moving of bigger households and companies

Bigger households

2 vehicles VW LT and Iveco Daily of total size 42 m3 and three empoyees are provided for 1 150 CZK without VAT 21 % per one hour of work (+ every one employee more 150 CZK). Price induded transportation – no other surcharges.

Our advantage is big variability of transportation due owning the vehicles of different sizes. We can enter city centres without speacial permission due their weight up to 3,5 t, no complicated administration with gaining of entrance permission.  This specification is especially suitable for bigger flats of size 3+1, 4+1, family houses or whole comapnies. Schedule of moving will be offered individually according the type of your moving. Packing, furniture assembling and disassembling are included in our service. We use professional equipment for our work, like moving straps.


Big famous companies and institutions are moved by us, but even small offices too. Our works are realised without stopping of your operations, during weekends, public holidays, night hours are possible too.

The visit of our technician at your place is free of charge, price offer will be created at that ocassion. Then you are informed about details, such how many moving boxes will be propably needed. Boxes for moving can be lended free of charge. We offer you schedule of tasks, quick and smooth moving with no stress should be created in case of these tasks keeping.

Packing, furniture assembling and disassembling according your wish are included in our service. We use professional equipment for our work, like moving straps. Check out our refrences to see some of them with photogallery.

Bigger flat moving service example

Equipment of kitchen (fridge, dishwasher, microwave oven, furniture, kitchen tools), living room (television, sofa, small table, 3 x  bookcases) and bedroom (double bed, 2 x  wardrobes,  chest of drawers) and children bedroom (bed, cabinet, chest of drawers, table)

What will proximate price be?

Bigger flat or comapny moving service

1150 CZK/hour

Price including: 2 vehicles, 3 empoyees, mileage, waiting of car, work of empoyees, furniture disassembling, packing works, insurance, possible disposal of unneeded items to collection waste site or dumping site.

I want Bigger flat or comapny moving service Calculate exact price

What might you need for moving?

These products are always available, just ask our driver and buy them.

fixing strech folio hand 0,5x23 m, 1,9 kg

100 CZK/piece

Carton box 580x380x300 mm

30 CZK/piece

wardrobe box, hanger included 600x530x960 mm 5VVL

160 CZK/piece

sticky tapes 0,48x60 m Transparent 801

10 CZK/piece

Bubble folio 1x1 m

8 CZK/m

Premiliary demand on bigger flat or comapny moving service

Company moving service

For example: comapny with 5 employees moving

1 vehicle is enough for our needs

Moving service will be provided by 2 our employees

Total price: 3 500 CZK
approximately 5 hours

Other examples


Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.