Flat clear out service

We are specialized in clear out of flats and houses. The service is provided for flats of all sizes: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and other sizes. Our focus is flat clear out service especially in Central Bohemia Region, the capital city Prague,  and in towns Beroun, Příbram, Dobříš, Písek, Benešov etc.

Is few pieces of old furniture needed to dispose to collection waste site? Or clear out whole flat, ec. because of estate, please call our trained technician (please see contacts), who will calculate proximate price and give you more detailed information about flat clear out. Or please contact us via contact form.

Vyklízení bytu po vyhoření
Vyklízení bytu Praha - vyhoření
Vyklízení nábytku - před realizací
Vyklízení bytu - stěhovací vůz
Vyklízení bytů Praha - během realizace
Vyklízení nábytku - po realizaci
Vyklízení bytů Praha - po realizaci

Contact form

Please contact us via phone, e-mail or via contact form below for more information about our offered services or prices for providing them. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Bigger household clear-out service

For example: flat of size 3+kk clear-out

1 vehicle is enough for our needs

Clear-out  service will be provided by 3 our employees

Total price 5 050 CZK approximately 5,5 hours


Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.