Furniture disposal

Do you need to dispose unneeded furniture to junyard or waste collection site? Our company is specialized in clear-out services and following disposal, so we can arrange this service with our pleasure. We are very experienced in, our staff is trained, so coordination of our works is very professional and quick. Firstly, we make an agreement about furniture to disposal and how – the waste collection site is free of charge, but you will have to legitimate yourself by ID card to confirm being inhabitant of that town quarter or without ID card at dumping site which is charged about 1,5 CZK/kg.

Detailed information about process of furniture (or other unneded items) disposal is answered by us. Please contact us directly or via contact form.

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Please contact us via phone, e-mail or via contact form below for more information about our offered services or prices for providing them. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Family house clear-out service

For example: Family house clear-out

2 vehicles is enough for our needs

Clear-out service will be provided by 4 our employees

Total price 14 000 CZK approximately 9 hours


Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.