Moving companies and offices

Moving offices of whole comapnies is no problem for us. We own good quality moving vans and reliable  staff to ensure you moving with no worries – not even small businesses, but big office buildings too. Moving of companies and offices can be provided in same way as moving flats and houses during weekends, public holidays or night hours. All of these examples are without surcharge – operating of your company will not be interrupted! Moving process is quick, reliable and for fair prices.

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Průběh stěhování firmy

  • Our technician vist you place before strating of moving. He judges range of moving, suggest optimal schedule and set proximate price for moving service.
  • Llending of packing materials for moving – everybody needs boxes, bubble folio and strech folio to pack all items. We manage it for your comfort!
  • Every moved furniture and eletritronics are listed and marked to placement with no flaws
  • All equipment is packed and transported. Everything is packed and safe.
  • Everything is unpacked, placed, assembled and eletronics are pluged-in to working experience without limitation.
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Please contact us via phone, e-mail or via contact form below for more information about our offered services or prices for providing them. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Company moving service

For example: comapny with 5 employees moving

1 vehicle is enough for our needs

Moving service will be provided by 2 our employees

Total price: 3 500 CZK
approximately 5 hours

Other examples


Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.