Furniture moving

Do you have heavy furniture at home? You do not know how to move it. Please call us in this case and we will help you to solve this problem. Moving is easy for us thanks to our professional equipment and we can spare your time and maybe even health.

Moving of heavy articles is charged in special tariff:


100 – 199 kg (e.g. small strongbox, furniture)

200 – 299 kg (e.g. upright piano)

300 – 399 kg (e.g. piano, boiler)

400 – 500 kg (e.g. strongbox, machines)

Base price

1 100 CZK

1 700 CZK

2 900 CZK

Price according the agreement

Floor surcharge

200 CZK

250 CZK

300 CZK

Price according the agreement

Hour tariff for 2 empoyees

400 CZK

400 CZK

400 CZK

Price according the agreement

Price listed above are without VAT 21%.

Price is setted according the agreement in case of weight over 400 kg. Delivering of every 15 metres is calculated as one floor. Plese contact us directly or via contact form for more information about furniture moving. 

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Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.