Cargo taxi in Příbram

Do you need quickly, cheaply and efficiently transport of purchased furniture, appliances, carpets and other objects which do not fit in to your car? Then there's our cheap cargo taxi.

Transportation of goods, transportation of furniture, electronics and white goods from the store on base cargo taxi within one hour after ordering, if it allows the current traffic situation and if we have spare capacity.

Company Profigroup besides moving and clearing engaged in transporting and delivery service goods from shops, transporting of urgent shipments in Pribram, Beroun / Prague / Central Region.

Details on ordering cargo taxi:

  • Mostly, customers load and unload the goods themselves or with the help of our driver.
  • Loading and unloading do not take more than 30 minutes.
  • In case you need two of our employees, please convey it us.

Our services can be used for:

Transporting goods and supplies for businesses and individuals. Transportation of express shipments NON-STOP, including holidays and Sundays.
We provide transportation of new and old furniture to the collection yard.

  • Transportation of furniture: Bekr, Jamall, bic, Obi, Asko, Ikea, Sconto, Asko, Kika
  • Transportation of electronics and white goods: Okay, Planeo, Expert and like today and to you at the apartment!
  • Transportation of furniture from a retailer (through advertising) or the bazaar.
  • Transportation of furniture to the collecting yard or to ecological disposal.
The matter of course is:
  • Individual approach
  • In the car weusually have standard tools, stepladders, straps, packaging material and everything what you need
  • Transportation of few pieces of furniture cheaply and quickly!
  • GPS navigation in vans.
  • Cargo insurance is obvious

How long time ahead does it necessary to order a cargo taxi?

We always recommend as soon as possible. However, according to workload we can come within one hour after the call.

Is it possible to go in the van together with the furniture?

Sure, the Rideshare under the carriage is already in the price.

Does the driver help us with the loading and unloading of furniture?

Certainly, the driver will be happy and willing to help you with whatever is needed.

How much do I pay for transportation a few (2-3 pieces), pieces of furniture?

For the transport without driver help you pay 1 000 CZK or with the help 1 200 CZK.

Do you have any tools in your cars for moving furniture?

Certainly, we always have tools, trolley, trolley, webbing, courts, crosses, packaging material and blankets.

Price list:

Cargo taxi cab with Iveco Daily 18 m3.

Van with driver



Van + 1 employee



Van + 2 employees

500 CZK / hour



 550 CZK / hour 



700 CZK / hour

Without drivers help


For trifles transportation that can be carried by one person or your assistance with loading and unloading. We lend you moving equipment, our staff gives you some instructations.


Transporting on a turnkey. Two professional employees také care about everything. In the handling they use professional equipment: the straps, cordless screwdrivers, trolley or packing material


Information about price:

  • Prices are calculated from the van arrival until the end.
  • We do not charge any extra fees for mileage
  • The minimum contract price is 500 CZK. Price without VAT 21%. Measured from the van arrival- the first full hour and
        each other up 
    rounded quarter of an hour.
  • Moving to the floors without any extra fees.
  • Moving heavy (weights) of articles from 100 to 199 kg charge an extra 1 000 CZK + 200 CZK / Floor

Preliminary Demand

Are you interested in moving or Clearance/Rubbish Removals? Leave us a request and we will send you an offer.


Damage caused due handling and transportation is covered by our company insurance provided by Česká pojišťovna.